About_TrackTeachRacing is an expensive hobby, but TrackTeach can ensure that some of that money is better utilised. It can also make driving a safer, albeit not safe, pastime.

Wouldn’t it be good to turn up at a circuit that you’ve never been to before and be able to find your way round? Knowing where all the facilities are can make life so much easier.

Then after efficiently preparing yourself, you drive onto the circuit for the first time and are instantly faster than those around you, immediately at 90% of the speed you hope to attain. By the end of the day you are faster than you expected, especially in comparison to your performances at other circuits.

All because you had the foresight to make a small investment and purchase the TrackTeach guide of that circuit.

So what does TrackTeach offer? As you can see, quite a lot:

  • Learn how to drive on motor racing circuits. This is not a means of how to be a racing driver, but it is a means of learning individual race circuits.
  • For each corner of the circuit there is a description of how to navigate it, together with a map, a set of pictures and a selection of video footage.
  • There are also details on how to safely enter and leave the pits, together with an overview of the circuit.
  • Information is provided on local facilities, such as accommodation and nearby petrol stations.
  • There is the facility to get circuit information such as contacts, lap records directions and distances and visit useful web sites.
  • There is a text version, in A4, A5 or html format.
  • On many CDs there is bonus video footage of racing cars and karts in action.
  • Tear Off and Tear Off All Functions allows PCs with a larger screen to view more information at once.

What TrackTeach Guides Are Available?

The current guides are described in the following link:

Available Circuits

Why Did I Develop TrackTeach?

MainPage02By Peter Tattersall

I have a terrible sense of direction, so find preparation, by studying circuit guides, more important than most people. Nevertheless, I still struggle at circuits I visit for the first time. Knockhill was a very good example. I had spent time on the circuit and felt I had learnt it, but made a very serious mistake at Glenvarigill. This is a left-right chicane with an uphill approach and the second apex hidden by the brow of the hill. For some reason I decided I could accelerate hard at the first apex, whereas in reality the most ambitious I should have been was to use a balanced throttle! Because of this mistake, I speared off the track and into a tyre wall, the front of the car being launched about 1.5 metres in the air and then landing hard. I suffered vertical concussion, a fact only realised after being sent home from work the following Monday for acting in a dippy manner!

I had a fortnight off work to recuperate and, during that time, realised that what I needed was an interactive PC guide. Having thought about it, I realised I was probably capable of producing the software myself, so set about coding. I would finish a day’s work (itself often ten hours or more) and then go back to my lodgings and spend two or three hours developing the software. At weekends I would return home and spent the majority of the time continuing my work. It took about three years to get to the launch version of software and I was very pleased with the result. It has since been further developed to offer ever more facilities.

Would Want To Buy the Software?

MainPage03Anybody who visits the circuit would find the software of use, for different reasons. Even spectators and armchair enthusiasts will find it of interest.

The Novice Race/Track Day Driver
The worst thing about a novice visiting a track for the very first time is that a large proportion of their time is spent learning their way around the circuit, rather than learning the limitations of their car’s handling and learning how to drive fast, safely. With TrackTeach, a lot of the initial learning can already be completed, so that the driver will already know the way round the circuit and what the racing lines are; it will be a matter of putting theory into practise.

The Intermediate Race/Track Day Driver
It costs a lot of money to go testing, developing oneself and one’s car solely for the purpose of going as fast as possible. This software can help to shortcut the process by showing the correct lines, including pointers as to what markers to look for to help aid positioning one’s car correctly.

A good example is at the first corner at Pembrey. At this hairpin bend the majority of the less experienced drivers get the turn in point wrong. For the price of the software, they can gain half a second and more on that corner alone!

The Expert Race/Track Day Driver
It is highly unlikely that an expert would learn very much from the software if they have visited the circuit before. But if they are challenging for the championship, then every last morsel of additional information would be useful.

Spectators and Armchair Enthusiasts
How do the drivers do it? Where are the most challenging points? Use of the software can help Spectators pick the best point to watch from and give all Enthusiasts as much information as possible to allow them to get the most out of their viewing of a race. They will be able to identify which drivers are on the correct lines and understand why some apparently quick drivers are not so competitive.

Other Reasons for Purchasing TrackTeach
Additional information available from the TrackTeach software: directions to the circuit and local fuel stations; an accommodation list; circuit contact details and relevant web sites. The overview map shows where all the facilities of the circuit are located. All of this information can help to make the visit to the circuit more relaxing.

There are text versions available for many items of information (e.g. circuit instructions, accommodation list, and directions), often in more than one format (MS Word, PDF and RTF).

Bonus video footage is included, including racing cars in action at the circuit.


As a package, TrackTeach is very comprehensive. Not only does it provide full circuit instructions, but it also provides peripheral information for most needs. And the Bonus Video footage, which is often available, is very interesting, entertaining and educational.