SmallerSSL_TrainThe author of this web site is Peter Tattersall, who runs Tattersall Computer Developments Ltd and through this he works full time as a Systems Test Engineer.

Peter is now contracted to BAe Systems testing their complex systems.

His most previous post was a 3.5 year contract with Bombardier Transportation in Derby, where he was a Systems Test Engineer working on the SSL London Underground train. Here, he tested all requirement changes on the Train Control Management System.

About_RunicCrossVikingRunes is his latest software project which was written on behalf of a friend; this is an ancient craft brought up to date. The runes are the letters of an antediluvian Germanic language, the Scandinavian variations being called the futhark, the name being a derivation of the first six letters of the Runic alphabet – F, U, Þ, A, R, and K.

The Viking Runes are a study of these Runic letters. The letters were usually inscribed on wood or stone and hence called runestones. These runestones were cast from a container, one at a time, onto a covering. From this, a reading could be made to give guidance to one’s thought processes.

There are different types of readings and VikingRunes contains six of the most popular.

About_TrackTeachAlso through the company, Peter has written TrackTeach, an application that is a series of guides that teach the pupil the skills required to compete at specific race and kart circuits throughout the UK. Each guide goes through every corner in detail, describing textually how to negotiate the bend, backed up with photos and videos. Details of the paddock and pits are also included so that the new driver can find every required facility. Furthermore, the guide is also produced as pdf, .doc and .rft documents.

About_PHEVPeter has a natural affinity towards new technology, but it must be relevant. Now that Hybrid is coming of age with the plug-in functionality, he has a fascination that will not be tamed. So he has written this web site, purchased a PHEV and is now reporting on his first-hand experiences and all knowledge that he picks up along the way. The site also includes the latest industry news, plus his opinions of every PHEV currently on sale, with a few fit-for-purpose non-PHEVs thrown in.

PeterTattersallPeter’s other Blog web site is a set of reports he produces for his motor racing adventures. Not only does he produce reports, but he also describes the club he is a member of, the championship that the club runs and the various classes within the championship. The specific class that Peter competes in is described in detailed along with every fellow member.