CircuitInfo01This drop down box is located directly below the Choose A Corner Drop-Down Box. It is used to select information regarding the circuit.

On making a selection, the title will be placed in the Title Window with the associated text being placed in the Information Window. Between the Title and Information Windows can be a launchable text. This can be a web site, request for e-mail, document or any other file that will require an associated application installed for it to be successfully launched. Pictures may be available for the chosen information. If so, they will be displayed in a separate window.

Information available can vary between circuits. Example information is Contacts, which contains relevant telephone numbers and addresses.

The following are regularly seen:

Circuit Details and Lap Records

Lists lap records at the time that the guide was produced.


These details on how to contact the circuit usually include a hypertext e-mail address.


CircuitInfo02Sometimes a circuit want towing drivers to take a route that does not upset the local residents. Therefore directions from key places are provided, often with an accompanying directions window showing photographs and instructions.

There is often a Google Maps link to show an aerial view of the circuit.

The directions are available directly from the Descriptive Text window. There is usually a separate window that can be opened to guide the driver, consisting of each stage being allocated it’s own photograph. A full printable document is also available in MS Word, PDF and .rtf versions.


CircuitInfo03A list of local places to stay, including their suitability to the driver. A full printable document is also available in MS Word, PDF and .rtf versions.

Petrol Stations

A list of petrol stations local to the station, with accompanying directions.

Driver Details

Details of the driver who has provided the information and video of the circuit. The driver is usually a local specialist.