Race Circuits

The following is a list of race circuits currently available:

TT_Pembrey01Pembrey is a fascinating and challenging circuit. F1 teams used it for testing deep into the 1990's. Indeed, The late Ayrton Senna still holds the unofficial lap record.

What makes the circuit so interesting is the total mix of corners, together with the resulting variety of driving demands. At the end of the start/finish straight (called Park Straight) is Hatchets Hairpin. Very tight, but more of a problem is finding the braking point as there are no reference points to choose from. After this, there is no time for the driver to recover his composure as he is immediately attacking Spitfires, whose exit requires compromise for Dibeni Bend. The exit of Dibeni merges with the entry to Paddock, with a very interesting and stimulating line between the two. So far, the circuit has been very twisty.

There is now a short run to Esses, which is, interestingly, a single, high-speed bend. There is then a small breathing space to Brooklands Hairpin. To get this line right requires extreme self-confidence, as the turn in is so late. Now there is time for a cup of tea. A high speed dash up to and through the flat out Woodlands, with a similar sprint to Honda Curve, which requires the brakes to shed only a little speed. Get the entry to this wrong, though, and speed will be lost all the way along Park Straight. Either that, or you will visit the bumpy grass.

Kart Circuits

The following is a list of kart circuits currently available:

Bayford Meadows
Instructions01The fast and consistent asphalt racing surface of the 1100 metre international circuit twists through open grassed areas making for a demanding and technical circuit which tests driving abilities to the full and endurance to the extreme.

Constructed within a large open hollow affording dramatic viewing, spectators and participants alike are able to view the racing action at all the advantage points from the safety of the raised embankments.
Buckmore Park
Famed for its dramatic changes of gradient and camber, Buckmore Park is a challenging track that allows drivers numerous overtaking opportunities. It is used for championship racing, corporate events and a wide range of hire options for both individuals and groups (between 10 and 250 drivers).

Facilities include a fantastic new air-conditioned clubhouse with its own changing rooms, cafeteria, conference room and viewing galleries. There is also a high-tech race control building together with computerised lap scoring indoor and outdoor scoreboards and floodlights. There is also a shop from which to purchase all your karting accessories.

Latest arrivals include a new Paddock Facilities Building, which incorporates a medical centre, scrutineering bay, ambulance station, fast-food servery, toilets and showers. This building is for all customers that use the owner/driver paddock area.

All in all, Buckmore Park is rightly classified as Britain's premier karting circuit, with facilities to back up that opinion.
Clay Pigeon
TT_ClayPigeon01Clay Pigeon Raceway is a very popular kart circuit, set in the beautiful Dorset countryside and is easily reached from the M5 or M27. The circuit regularly hosts British and National kart championships, as well as monthly club championship race meetings and endurance races. The circuit also hosts many of the leading commercial championships such as Club 100, The Challenge, The Trackside G.P. Series. Other visiting Championships include Formula 6 and NKRA meetings. It is an ideal venue for Britain’s fastest growing sport.

The facilities are excellent, with plenty of paddock space for the hundreds of competitors that regularly attend. The kart shop has everything on sale that a driver could require, whilst the reception contains a small shop that sells confectionary, hot and cold drinks and all essentials, at prices that are competitive with the high street. The well-equipped Medical Centre has two treatment rooms and is always available.

The circuit is just part of a complex that includes a shooting club, a restaurant containing hospitality/function rooms and a camp site. There is also a hotel under construction, so future competitors can stay right by the circuit. (For more details and pictures of the on-site lodgings, select ‘Accommodation’ from the Circuit Information Drop Down Box).
Forest Edge
TT_ForestEdge01If you look at the map of the circuit, you will see the shape of a kart and driver. This is just a happy coincidence; circuit designer Dave Trueman had no intentions of such a silhouette, instead wanting the track to be as challenging and physically demanding as possible, whilst using as much of the existing infrastructure as practicable. Dave certainly succeeded!

From the start, it is one continuous sequence of corners after another, eight coming in quick succession taking the driver a third of the way round the circuit. There is then a respite for the next third of the circuit, with only the Bus Stop Chicane for non-gearbox karts; this allows the driver a breather, to check their mount and think through any strategy. The final third of the circuit has four corners, three of which are taken at high speed, the final being a hairpin (unsurprisingly called The Hairpin). This leads immediately to the Start/Finish line and a new lap.
TT_Lydd01Lydd International Raceway is one of Europe's premier Karting tracks, home of the Kent Karting Club and host to many professional and amateur championships.

They also specialise in organising group activities for corporate and private clients, whether karting or over the off-road course.

You can take your own Kart for testing, or hire one of the circuit's Thunder Karts, and the on site kart shop can provide you with everything from a brand new machine to a pair of racing boots.

The circuit is also used for Super Moto and Mini Moto bike track days.

There is also a separate, purpose-built 4 x 4 course, with steep climbs, water and mud. You will be passengered before being given the opportunity to negotiate the course yourself.

There is a very well-priced cafe available throughout the day, and there is also a clubhouse with it's own bar and restaurant facilities, plus a variety of entertainment.
Mansell Raceway
TT_Mansell01Mansell Raceway is located in the heart of Devon, just 25 miles from Exeter. Previously owned and run by Dunkeswell Kart Racing Club, control passed to 1992 Formula One World Champion Nigel Mansell in 2005 in a deal that allowed the circuit to be rejuvenated. Dunkeswell Kart Racing Club still runs all its race meetings at the circuit, with the circuit and club benefiting from the huge and ongoing investment provided by Mansell.

The circuit has since been re-laid and new foam barriers have been fitted throughout. The standard of maintenance is excellent with the track delivering the requisite challenge, regardless of the configuration. The main race circuit, used for karts with no gearbox, flows from one corner to the next with only a few well-earned rests. Changes to the Gearbox configuration are limited to the cutting out the of the chicane, whilst the Corporate Configuration is much altered to cater for the slower Corporate Karts.
Rye House
TT_RyeHouse01Rye House lies about six miles north of the M25 and just over a mile east of the A10, so it is within very easy reach for a large percentage of the population. Is this a good or bad thing? Thankfully, the news is good: Rye house is a challenging circuit with a good mixture of corners.

In the circuit’s Competition Configuration, Stadium Bend follows the long start finish straight. This is a long fast corner following from a long straight, where you need to perfect the art of braking whilst steering, towards the end of the corner. Back on the power through Elbow and a quick sprint to the slowest corner, Hairpin 1. From here you need to get the line right to maximise traction and exit speed before braking heavily once more, for Hairpin 2. The faster then expected exit leads onto the Corporate Circuits Start/Finish Straight, giving you sufficient time to relax a moment before mentally plotting your way through Pylon 1, a sweeping left-hander followed immediately by another hairpin. From here you head through the left-handed curve, Esses, then immediately right through the tight Pylon 2, onto the Competition Configuration’s Start/Finish Straight, ready for another lap.
TT_Shenington01Shenington Kart Racing Circuit is one of the more popular in the UK, and hosts events for all of the MSA and ABkC 2-stroke classes plus Honda Cadet. Based at Shenington Airfield this circuit is strikingly flat and offers good viewing facilities for spectators accompanied by good facilities including toilets. The original café no longer exists, but the club has built new toilets and a members room nearby to Café corner to open in 2004. Catering is available at all race and test days.
Whilton Mill
TT_WhiltonMill01Whilton Mill is a hilly and challenging circuit set in the heart of Northamptonshire, easily accessed by road via the M1. All the facilities are located together, to the left of the entrance, opposite the pits. Included are toilets, a mobile food store and Race Control. By Race Control is the Pavilion which is mainly for the adjoining corporate circuit.

The circuit is a challenge, with the Start/Finish Straight following a technical section, The Boot and Pits Bend, that increases in speed throughout. Getting a good entry onto the Start/Finish Straight is vital, especially as the first corner, Turn One, is very fast. This is followed almost immediately by Crook, a much tighter right-hander. You need to get this right, as it opens up the flat-out exit, through Fine Lady, before braking for the tricky Christmas Corner. This leads almost immediately onto the circuit’s tightest corner, the hairpin named Inkermans. From here is the Zulu complex. Inkermans’ exit needs to be compromised for Zulu One, whose approach is complicated by the short distance to both Zulu Two and Zulu Three, the latter of which leads to the flat out Back Straight. This leads into the left-hand entry to The Boot, which can be complicated by the fact that this is also leads into the pits. The Boot is not dispensed with yet, as it also includes a double-apexed right-hand section, the exit of which leads directly into Pits Bend and back onto the Start/Finish Straight for another lap.