TT_Mansell01The main part of TrackTeach is the study of each corner. The first and last ‘corners’ of the guide are not corners at all, but a circuit overview and the pits. So the layout is as follows:

  • Overview
  • Corner 1
  • Corner 2 …
  • Final Corner
  • Pits

Clicking on the Prev Corner or Next Corner buttons selects the previous or next corner on the circuit. When viewing the overview, clicking on the Prev Corner button will show the pits, and from there clicking on the Next Corner button will show the overview.

TT_Mansell02You can go directly to a corner by selecting it from the Choose a Corner drop-down box.

Each time a new corner is selected, the left side of the application will display a map of the corner, while the right side of the application will display written guidance. The left-side view can be to photos, videos, or back to maps. The Tear Off functionality will be explained later, which expands on this functionality.

A map is shown of the corner. This displays the dry weather racing lines and any pertinent comments. Tips may be diagrammatical or textual.

Descriptive Text

This describes how to negotiate the corner. The approach, entry, apex and exit are described together with any additional comments. Sub-sections may be merged or additional sub-sections added as deemed necessary.


A set of photographs guiding the reader through the corner can be displayed.


A set of up to six videos showing the corner being negotiated are available. The first video is always the Training video and the application defaults to that, but if a different button is clicked then that button will become the default. If the alternatively chosen button is not available on a corner then the Training video will be shown.

MainPage02The final video is the Commentary video and is exactly the same as the Training video but with a running commentary over-dubbed. The remaining videos can be titled howsoever was required during the development of the guide. Examples are Formula Ford, Race, External, Overtaking.

Tear Off Button

The maps, pictures and videos all have a Tear Off button available. Clicking on this button will result in a separate window displaying the chosen view, and that window will remain available until it is closed.

Tear Off All Button

This button removes the main window, replacing it with a set of navigation controls, a set of video controls and separate windows for the pictures, maps and instructions. An example can be seen below.