Instructions01TrackTeach is an interactive guide for racing drivers to learn or improve their craft at specific race circuits. Having studied the lines prior to arriving at the circuit, the driver can print a copy to continue their studying with ease, at the circuit.

On arrival at the circuit for the first time, the driver will be able to find their way around with ease; and when it comes to getting into the car for the first time, the driver can know where the Assembly Bay is, how to get onto the pit lane and join the circuit and where the pit exit from the circuit is.

The guide includes all of the following:

Circuit Configuration


Allows the required circuit configuration to be studied.


Details every corner and how best to negotiate them. Included here is an overview of the circuit and details of the pits. Each corner has the following facilities:


A map of the corner showing racing lines and any pertinent comments.

Descriptive Text

Describes how to negotiate the corner.


A set of photographs guiding the reader through the corner


A set of up to six videos showing the corner being negotiated.

Tear Off / Tear Off All

For each corner, allows one of, or all of the maps, pictures videos and text to be shown on a single screen at the same time.

Circuit Information

Details Information such as circuit contacts, local petrol stations and accommodation.


Fully describes the use of the TrackTeach guide. It is also available as an MS Word document.


Contains links, documents and bonus videos.